The Beginning

Through the Unknown – The ‘Beginning’

It’s not a pleasant feeling…waking up from the stasis. I suppose they do their best to nullify the negative effects, but it’s far from being comfortable. You’re cold, everything around you is spinning, you feel weak and all you really wanna do is sleep, even though you just woke up from one. I don’t know if that was the first for me or not, I don’t remember anything prior to waking up. It was a strange sensation, to wake up in an unknown surroundings. I knew all the basics and the instinctive stuff, I was aware of the
surroundings even though unfamiliar. Other than that…blank.

It was pretty dark inside, other than the light from the pod itself, control board across the room and few dimmed bulbs along one of the walls. I got up and approached the controls, but it was locked. Was it to protect me or protection against me interfering? Almost instinctively I said ‘lights’ and the dark room lit up like a Christmas tree. It was around 100 square meters in it’s basis, almost a perfect square. Except for the pod itself, the control board and a whole bunch of thick cables lying around, there was not a lot in it. Nothing useful to me anyway. On the wall just opposite to the controls, there was a door. Some clothes were hanging on the side of it. It was a perfect fit.

I went through the pockets and all I found was some sort of a small touch based device and a very small comms ear piece device with no visible controls. There were no buttons on the device, so I’ve put my finger on the screen. The screen turned on. It was a digital map with a single point of interest on it…’Loki’. I’ve placed the comms device into my ear, then pressed the only thing I could on the map. There was a voice coming through the ear piece Yes Commander Balcanis. At that point of time I realized that before that very moment I didn’t know my own name. I presumed then it was Balcanis, although I didn’t have any other proof of it.

Me: Who are you?
Astra: My name is Astra, I am your ship’s virtual assistant

Just my luck, the first voice I hear is the synthesized voice of a female virtual assistant, I thought to myself. Well, at least she sounded friendly…well as much as a VA can be ‘friendly’ I guess. In any case, at that point Astra seemed like she could be a good source of information so I decided to ask some more questions.

Me: Astra?
Astra: Yes, Commander Balcanis?
Me: Who made you?
Astra: I’m afraid that’s classified information
Me: Where am I?
Astra: You’re in Shavyrin Station industrial outpost, located in the Mafthrudii system
Me: Can you give me more information about my current whereabouts on the outpost?
Astra: Commander, even though I can pinpoint your location very accurately, I am unable to provide any further information as to the location where your signal is coming from.

Considering everything that happened till that point, the fact that there was no detailed information about my current whereabouts on the outpost did not come as a surprise. Once again, I turned my attention to my ‘friendly’ assistant and that POI on my digital map.

Me: Astra?
Astra: Yes?
Me: Can you tell me something about Loki?
Astra: Loki is a Vulture type spaceship that I’m currently linked to.
Me: Does it belong to me?
Astra: Affirmative.
Me: Can you tell me about the Vulture please?
Astra: The Core Dynamics Vulture is a heavily armed space superiority fighter. It’s internal space is sacrificed for more powerful thrusters and weapons systems to make it a dangerous killing machine

Abandoned room

Hidden location of the stasis pod with me in it, no recollection of who I was, where I’ve been or what I’ve done and a ‘dangerous killing machine’ was enough for me to realize that I should keep a low profile as I make my way to the Loki. I approached the door and placed my hand on the scanner on the right side of it. Somehow I had the feeling it will recognize my hand print signature. The door opened upwards swiftly with a swooshing sound. I stepped out and as soon as I did, the door practically slammed down right behind me. Turned towards it and realized that on the outside it looked as a part of the scenery, a part of an old, rugged wall. I went over it’s surface with my hands trying to find out if there was a hidden hinge or something. Nothing…I couldn’t even find the edges of the door itself. If I didn’t come out of it just then, I wouldn’t even know it was there. I didn’t really wanted to go back inside, I was just admiring how much effort did someone actually put in hiding me in there.

The outpost itself was industrial, just as Astra said. The corridors were dark with minimum lighting with occasional ‘outside’ windows. These windows were actually facing towards the interior of the station, not outside of it. Not that the darkness of space would shed some light on it anyways. The whole place looked like a factory or something. Whoever was running the station didn’t care much of the overall ‘look and feel’. While I was following the route to my ship, I did notice people going by. However I did my best to keep walking under the shadows of that hellhole passages. As I was walking I noticed the ‘Dock 33’ digital screen. The screen itself was broken in couple of corners and was blinking erratically, just as if it was trying to tell the maintenance people Fix me, damn it! The dock itself was not a lot brighter than any other places I’ve seen on my way there. While approaching the ship, I noticed it was very dirty and bumped up. I couldn’t notice any holes on the exterior that would suggest it went through a fight. More like that it was made to look that way, so it doesn’t stand out from the surroundings. As soon as I came close to the bay door, it opened. I stepped in and heard a familiar voice…’Welcome back, Commander Balcanis‘.

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